Dear Customers,

Please take your time to read through our terms. This agreement is automatically applied when down payment is made.

Down payment

Print production starts with a down payment, after sales contract and strike off approval. This down payment is non-refundable only creditable. Depositing on your order implies you have agreed to the sales contract & approved all line items.


Sampling process will take time 10-14 working days. First we will send you layout and actual size of your design via email. You may print it at your home and imagine is it the right size or not. After those are approved, we will make strike off for your design. It will be made on your chosen fabric. If you haven’t decide your fabric, you can request strike off on max 2 fabrics. Your print colours and hand feel will be selected from approved strike off.

Production Lead Time

Standard 3 – 4 weeks is applied after sales contract and strike off are approved and down payment is made. If finalization & approval is delayed, rush charges may be applied in order to complete your order.

Screen Printing

Our screen printing is a semi-manual and hands on printing process.

Quality control is a main factor in print production, while every attempt is made to keep all prints consistant, small flaws may occur from print to print. Such as artwork color alignment or color allowance. These are normally only noticeable when measuring with a ruler and not noticeable when it is being worn.

Second Grade

Although our normal second grade (inconsistent or misprinted pieces) is insignificant, we do allow for 10% colour and quantity allowance. For the problems, our team will assess the reason and we will discuss on how we can compensate.

Regarding the excess production. Please select the options :

  1. I will take all the fabric, good and bad conditions

  2. I don’t want to take the excess nor the second grade

In case of you pick the option B,

We will lock up your fabric at our storage for maximum 6 months from the printed date before it is donated to charity or exchanged for monetary value.

Your printed fabric can be displayed in store or online as samples, but we will sell it only with your permission.

We take great measures to make sure your prints will last as long as possible. For apparel we supply care instructions for the longest lasting print. As it is the manufacturer’s quality of the product and how it is handled that will determine how long it will last. If you do have an issue with your product or durability of your print, please be sure to let us know and we will be sure resolve the issue.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your order, first please reach out to our team. We will review your order and do our best to make it right.

Please note, we do not print and will not be responsible for printing any copyright material in your order.

This agreement is automatically applied when down payment is made.

This agreement is subject to change without notice

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this agreement please connect with our team and we will be sure to help!

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